How Dangerous Is To Keep Our Feet Closed All The Time

Posted by Layla Brooks

It’s autumn. With regret and some nostalgia, we’re picking up the shoes with open fingers and stripes, and we put a place on the shelf of closed shoes, boots and boots. We take a quick look among them: red, black, brown, current, on a platform … But in fact, colors and patterns are not important, but the material they are made of. The naturopathic doctor in toronto will give you some incredible tips.

Why natural materials are so important? The answer lies in only one word: they “breathe”. The skin from which the shoes are made is natural. Like human skin, and it has pores, though tiny in size, it is elastic and stretchable. The materials that are most commonly found are facial skin, nubuck, suede and fox.

Face skin. It may not be uniform and have minor imperfections in its surface, but this does not reduce its most important advantages: it is quality and robust and, most importantly, permeable.

The natural skin is made up of different layers, which can be separated from each other by special treatment. This process produces a slightly mossy material that is soft to the touch and much more permeable.

The once-split skin can be further impregnated to increase its resistance to moisture and water. This material is preferred for the autumn-winter season as it is easy to maintain and protects legs well.

When we buy shoes, we need to know what material they are made of and whether they are waterproof. But we must not forget to look not only from the outside, but also from the inside. If we want our legs to “breathe”, it makes no sense to give more money for leather shoes if the inner part is made of artificial leather. It is in close proximity to our feet.

Habits in autumn and winter. Apart from the shoes, it is nice to pay attention to other friends on our feet during the cold months – socks and slippers.

The socks are like a second skin, because we do not take them down until we get some sleep (and there are people who even sleep with socks, so the statement is valid for them). We know that some of them are troubling our feet, but it is more important that we are warm … Wrong! There are also natural fabrics that can hold the body’s temperature, but to get them we need to look for and inquire a little more. Yes, it takes time, but it is an investment in our health.

The same applies to slippers. The shops sell a lot of nice, colorful and warm at first sight slippers. We lay our feet and after a while we are comfortable, but in an hour? The leg has sweated and has become more of an ideal environment for the development of fungal infections.

Good habits are related to buying shoes, socks and slippers from natural materials and fabrics wherever possible. When we cannot afford it, at least we can be more strict in our personal hygiene – to change our socks as soon as we get back and wash the feet well before we put on the new ones.

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