Valtrex (Valacyclovir) drug description

Posted by Layla Brooks

The active agent of the branded medication Valtrex made and marketed by GSK is Valacyclovir. It is an antiviral agent that is effective against all types of herpes infections, their prophylaxis, treatment, and prevention of transferring.
If you have herpes, you should know that as any virus currently it cannot be completely eliminated from the body so the treatment implies the suppression of the virus to the minimum when it practically doesn’t cause any discomfort, doesn’t flare up or get transferred to other people (e.g. sexual partners). Thus, it is preferable to buy Valtrex even if you don’t have a flare up to have the pills at hand when needed. Worth noting that it is preferable to start the therapy with the pills as soon as you develop the first and even the mildest symptoms such as itching as then it renders the optimal effect and doesn’t allow the infection to fully flare-up.

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You can buy Valtrex for:

– Lip herpes;
– First-time diagnosed and recurring genital herpes treatment and prophylaxis;
– Herpes zoster (shingles);
– Prevention of cytomegalovirus infection associated with organ transplant;
– To suppress the virus and avoid infecting your sexual partner with genital herpes.


The limitations for the drug use are:

– Young age: up to 12 years for cytomegalovirus infection treatment and up to 18 years for other indications;
– Hypersensitivity to the drug’s components;
– Breastfeeding and pregnancy (the treatment can be made but only if the attending doctor approves).

Dosing of Valtrex

The dosing per day and the duration of the treatment course vastly depend on the type of herpes infection treated, as well as acute or chronic nature of the disease. Please see the package insert that comes with the pills ordered online or consult a specialist before you buy Valacyclovir and start the therapy.

Valtrex adverse effects

Possible negative reactions that can occur during the medication use are:
– Headache;
– Nausea, indigestion;
– Dizziness, confusion, hallucinations, mental impairment.
– Agitation, tremor, ataxia, dysarthria, psychotic symptoms, convulsions, encephalopathy, coma.