What You Should Know Before Purchasing Family Dental Plans Long Island NY

Posted by Layla Brooks

A recent WebMD survey shows that people without family dental plans Long Island NY rarely get preventive dental care, and they are more likely to require costly dentures, extractions, and emergency room treatment. The study also showed that people with dental insurance find it to be expensive, especially if they need more advanced dental care such as implants.

What You Should Know About Family Dental Plans Long Island NY, and How to Save on Care

Dental Insurance is Different from Your Medical Insurance

Family dental plans Long Island NY are designed to encourage preventive dental treatment. This explains why most plans pay 100 percent for preventive services, 80 percent for restorative services, and 50 percent for procedures such as crowns.

Dental Insurance Has Low Coverage

Dental insurance policies tend to have low annual maximum coverage that often ranges between $1,000 and $1,500 on what the dental plan will pay for care.

Braces are Not Covered

Most of the local family dental plans Long Island NY that you buy on your own don’t cover orthodontic treatment. However, if you are covered by your employer, most work-based dental policies offer a maximum of $ 1,500-lifetime payout on orthodontics such as braces.

While the ACA (Affordable Care Act) requires family dental plans Long Island NY to provide dental insurance for children under the age of 19, children braces are only covered in severe cases.

Dental Insurance Deductibles

Most dental insurance policies require you to meet the plan deductible before the plan begins to cover your dental care.


Most of the family dental plans Long Island being sold are PPOs because they give you access to a wider network of dentists. However, in case you need more dental work, you should consider HMOs. HMOs have limits to dentists participating in the network, and the overall cost is lower than that of PPOs.

Consider Discount Dental Plans

Discount family dental plans Long Island NY help you save on dental care by offering discounts ranging from 10 percent to 50 percent. Unlike dental insurance, discount dental plans don’t have deductibles and they aren’t regulated by the state’s department of insurance. For you and your loved ones to receive a discounted rate, you should first sign up to be a DentalSave member and visit a participating dentist in the network. Dental Saveings Plans has a dentist search tool that can help you to locate qualified dentists near you.